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Are you looking to move to Sumner County, Gallatin, Hendersonville, etc. or another area? Streamlined Movers of Sumner County is a local, trusted and professional moving company. If you’re moving within 1,000 miles of Nashville, TN. We can help you with your move. Our team are experts in local and long-distance moving.

Planning for Your Move

Our expert relocation specialist will help you decide what’s needed to make sure your move goes smoothly and efficiently. We take the stress out of moving so that your new home can be enjoyed.

Protecting Your Items

Our team will unload your furniture and place your furniture, appliances, and electronics exactly where you want. This will allow you to move in and enjoy your new home as soon as possible. We can also move gun safes and other valuable items. We will take care or your precious possessions and your home during the entire process.

Movers in your area

Streamlined Moving of Nashville is a local moving company that specializes in local moves.

There are some things you should be aware of when moving into or from a rental home. Many people mistakenly think that because it is smaller the move is easier than a home move. Or that they don’t need expert advice to help them transfer from one apartment to the next.

Many landlords may require that you adhere to certain rules and regulations. This means that hiring a team could take some of the stress out of moving. Our movers are capable of handling the challenges of moving an apartment – and some stairs.

Moving companies can save you time and money

Because we are experts in apartment and condo regulations, each move is executed with the utmost precision. We ensure the safety of your furniture and your security deposit by protecting elevators and other surfaces during our moves.

Streamlined Moving can help speed up your move. Hiring a local moving company Streamlined Moving will allow you to quickly move your belongings from common areas and give you more time to do apartment-mandated chores like packing and cleaning before your landlord arrives to inspect the rental property.

How do you prepare for a residential Move

Here’s a quick checklist that will help you when you are ready to move from a condo or apartment rental.

1. You must give your landlord proper notice. Some complexes require you to give notice 30 or 60 days in advance of your move out date depending on your lease. Your property manager should be considerate. This will ensure that you receive your deposit back without any penalty.

2. Start downsizing. You can use moving as an excuse to examine your belongings carefully. Take the time to sort through all your items and go to your local donation center. You’ll be able to pack less and feel good about giving back.

3. What happened to the property? You might forget to pack small appliances like the microwave, during the rush of your move. You should always check the rental agreement to make sure that you don’t take anything that isn’t yours. This can also be used to help plan for purchases in your new location.

4. Move-in ready. You should inspect the unit before you end your lease. Your property manager can handle major renovations, such as new carpet. Wipe down any messes and clean the appliances. Open the windows to allow fresh air in while you patch holes in the drywall. These simple gestures will make it easy for you to get your security deposit back.

5. You need to transfer your utilities. When you move in to a new apartment, make sure you have closed your old water, electric, sewer and gas accounts or moved them to the new property.

6. Make sure to take advantage of storage space! Many rentals have additional storage, such as outdoor closets, garage units or shared areas for large objects. You should go through these spaces before you leave your apartment.

Moving? We Can Help.

You need to work with the best whether you’re moving into your first apartment, a home, or condo. Streamlined Moving provides local and long-distance moving services at a competitive price. Our Nashville moving team will be there to help. To receive a quote, please call 615-431-9833 or fill out the form below.

Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can relax and just sit back.